Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships

Alliances and partnerships are critical to realize strategic objectives today. Our experience in helping build alliances and partnerships helps us deliver a sound basis for growth using this tool.

SPIRE Training System-Sales Performance Indicator and Return Evaluator

We measure sales force performance and then recommend improvements for more revenue. SPIRE is designed as a comprehensive tool to assist sales executives charged with strengthening the top line.
A key element of SPIRE is professional training and development.
What's the best sales training approach? How do you avoid the problems associated with the "band-aid" approach - training that works for one week and then disappears? Take advantage of our unique sales training approach and our suite of training and development services available through our network.

Marketing and Sales Executive Search:

Where do I find my next best sales person? Where do I find the best sales manager or executive? SMC associates assist in a variety of ways to improve your sales performance and grow the "Top line".

E-learning Platforms to support Professional Development

Why not use online platforms for your employee improvement programs? It works and it's effective, reducing training time and costs.

Other Consulting Services

Strategic Marketing Counsel Inc. is often engaged to provide other custom management consulting services and these are available upon request. Examples include: Presentation Skills Coaching; Sales Training for non-Sales Executives; Sales Training Basics in One Day