G Planning

All growing businesses need a strong strategic plan. The execution needs to reflect a managed growth approach by making smart strategic decisions and investing wisely in available resources that balance investment, ROI and cash flow.
Every business is like a two-sided coin- products, services, people and marketing and sales on one side and the powers and controls of finance on the other. Planning needs both in equal measure and our team approach is designed to produce better results recognizing this business fact.

Stage 2 Growth Planner

An effective IMC Plan is crucial for success; including relevant and competitive positioning, a unique message strategy, and a top quality Advertising Plan. SMC assists you with everything from the Creative Brief and the Big Idea to finding the best creative resources to execute your plan.
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Marketing Performance Audit

This is conducted against a comprehensive analysis of internal and external marketing environments. We employ a SWOT Evaluation and a thorough review of your current marketing plan to establish your evaluation score.

Marketing Planning Assistance

Support for your marketing plan using Marketing Research and our third-party critique. We act as facilitator in team planning exercises conducted off-site.

Media Reach & Frequency Estimator

If you're a media company or a client, you need to know what a media buy will deliver in Reach & frequency. Based on a probability model, we can estimate the value of a given package buy in terms of Reach & Frequency, Gross Impressions, GRPs.

Creative Communications Guide

SMC Inc. uses a simple Brief that serves as the Guide for creative messaging.

Creative Communications Resources

You can also take advantage of our Network of Creative Resources for the best Creative executions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Plans

Are you interested in directing your company's efforts to support a socially important cause that will enhance quality of life in your community, strengthen your corporate image and satisfy employees? We help to identify opportunities, select the "best fit" of cause and corporate identity alignment and we develop a plan of action and an IMC Blueprint for promotional support.