Qualitative Primary Research

In-depth personal interviews, focus groups, on-line consumer panels.

Quantitative Primary Research

From telephone-based surveys to mall intercepts to mail-back surveys.

Secondary Research

Trends, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and other secondary research to support a strategic plan.

Market Segmentation Research

Based on segmentation variables including: demographics, psychographics, geographics and behavior response segmentation, all for a better understanding of Target Audiences.

SWOT Research Analysis

To confirm the opportunity and decide on a positioning approach.

Capturing Consumer Insights

Insights are the basis for all effective and persuasive advertising. Our unique approach can help you capture key Insights that form the basis for your Big Idea. /

Big Idea Power

The Big Idea if it is in fact a big fresh idea can produce great results because it connects to insights coming from the voice and heart of the target audience. /

Positioning & Brand Strategy Research

Review of the brand's core value proposition, and perceptions of positioning and image with its target. We determine positioning against competition, and capture key consumer insights and buyer incentives for the brand, to help create "Big Idea" message strategies that make impact and generate results.

Text Analysis Software & Support

Our partnership with Provalis Research can help you organize, manage, interpret and apply all the inputs and feedback you capture from the marketplace and media - customers and prospects. It's an efficiency power tool designed to help you maximize the value of input from the market, just in time, as you go,